Doing it all yourself
Blowing your Budget
Booking a Venue Before Creating a Guest List
Blowing your Fashion Budget Just on the Dress
You Fall Victim to Crash Dieting
Ordering a smaller dress size based on your wedding weight goal
You don't carve out enough time for Hair and Makeup Trials
Forgetting a Phototrial after wearing make-up
Assuming that your parents will pay for everything
Not Leaving Room for Additional Costs
Not following up with vendors few days beofre wedding
Not asking for dicounts
Not arranging transportation
Not Having a Plan B incase of unexpected weather
Micro-Managing your vendors
You Don't Feed Your Vendors
Choosing suppliers based on the "cheapest quote"
Having an open bar
Not Allotting Enough Time to Get Ready
Not Acknowledging Your Guests
Succumbing to Unexpected demands
You forget to eat on the Wedding Day!
You Forget to Set Parental Boundaries

Most brides experience some conflict with her parents or future in-laws during the planning process. It's not an easy conversation to have, but the earlier you discuss what's bothering you - the better it is.

Don't fall prey to these Wedding Mistakes!