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About:- Veydaa

Veydaa is all about creating the eternal magical moment when you take the step to togetherness, which will be cherished for all the right reasons. At Veydaa we strive to deliver a flawless experience, where the close family has time to enjoy the wedding rather then worry about the execution? From uber chic set designing, bespoke culinary services to exclusive entertainment - Veydaa creates weddings that are the talk of the town.

Service:-With a team that has been chosen from fields of hospitality, entertainment and travel, we have our own backbone for domestic and international execution and are hence capable of translating your dream wedding at any destination of your choice. With a collective experience of hundreds of events, the team is passionate about what they do, translating each wedding into something truly unique and unforgettable.

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Address: 35 a, Ghosh Lane, Manicktala, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Website: http://www.veydaa.com | Phone: +91 983 133 0000 | Email: info@veydaa.com

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