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About:- Marigold Weddings

A lot of times wedding planners seem to specialize in smiles and head nods. Quite frankly that doesn't get the job done. We like to roll up our sleeves, get the creative juices flowing and come up with a wedding that you will love and cherish. We will be there for you from setting the budget through to the day your wedding album is placed in your hands.

Service:-Marigold Weddings offers a range of services from full blown wedding management to simple consulting. Regardless of the site, size and budget, we place premium attention to design and detail.

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Address: 6-3-533 to 535, Plot No. 10, Pavani Villas, Dwaraka Puri Colony, Punjagutta, Hyderabad TS 500082
Website: http://marigoldweddings.co.in | Phone: +91 99892 99005 | Email: ido@marigoldweddings.co.in

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