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About:- Subh Muhurat

The company, founded and based in Kolkata is offering end-to-end solutions for weddings, and other occasions. Presenting a range of solutions that can make the occasions not only easy, but also double fun, we make things better and faster. In order to give our clients respite from the running around on the big day, our workers officiate efficiently with their coordinators. So, before you consider taking all of this on your own with a small batch of friends as support, take a look at our catalog to choose the most promising option.

Service:-Subh Muhurat is a Kolkata based wedding planner company offering Indian families the grand wedding service with the aim to make the ceremonies a couple of notches more marvelous.

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Address: RGM/M/338, VIP Road, Mondol Ganthi, Kaikhali, Kolkata, INDIA - 700052
Website: http://www.subhmuhurat.co.in | Phone: +91 - 98362 54162 | Email: p.biswas@yahoo.com

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