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About:- September Jewelry

We are a fine jewelry boutique and we encourage you to establish elegance in your love story. I am a maker, creator, and manufacturer of Fine Jewelry, specializing in Engagement Rings and venturing out to Earrings, Fashion Rings, and Pendants. All my jewelry is 14K Solid Gold (not plated and not filled). Take a look around; see what you like.

Service:-Find the perfect engagement ring, birthday necklace pendants, or even a pat-on-the-back pair of earrings for yourself at septemberjewelry.com

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Address: 706 S. Hill ST. Suite #510, Los Angeles, CA 90014
Website: http://www.septemberjewelry.com | Phone: +1 213.412.0159 | Email: info@septemberjewelry.com

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