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About:- Amit Sood Photography

Carrying the legacy of over 50 years in the art of photography, we go a step beyond clicking the cliched smiling poses of the bride and groom. We make sure that we dig into those nitty-gritty details about your would-be that makes you smile, the way they hold you and give you goosebumps, the way they wrap their arms lovingly around you and we click these beautiful and candid moments for you to cherish for life.

Service:-To make your wedding day even more special, let us capture every single moment of it to make it a memory for lifetime.

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Address: Destination Wedding Photograher (India & Abroad)
Website: http://www.amitsoodphotography.com/ | Phone: +91 94172 09555 | Email: amitsoodphotography@gmail.com

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