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About:- Bespoke Vintage Jewels

Drawing from the inspiration of Indian Royal Traditions and the Victorian era, using old diamonds, still whispering stories of the past, in combination with other navratnas creating jewels that are bold, dramatic and reflecting the style that adorned Maharanis, Empresses and Courtesans.

Service:-To be looked upon as royalty... To be treated as a queen... Beautiful, elegant and bold" Bespoke Vintage Jewels creates jewellery that captures the artistic legacy of eras gone by."

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Address: 104, Sophias Choice, Opp. Bishop Cottons Girls School, St. Marks Road Bangalore - 560001
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bespoke-Vintage-Jewels-By-Shweta-Nitesh-Gupta/349856628367830 | Phone: 99863 29139 | Email: poojaanita@gmail.com

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