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About:- Candid Tales

A brainchild of 2 photographers, CandidTales has a miraculous ability to shoot pictures which speak for themselves. We capture the love, emotion and passion of your most awaited day and craft it into a beautiful story by anticipating moments by being quiet, unobtrusive and invisible as a photographer. We talk to the couple beforehand to understand what they have in mind for the big day! Relational by nature, we deeply value the life-long friendships we develop with our couples.

Service:-We, at Candid Tales have an expertise in this field of photography to deliver optimum quality pictures, in both content and creativity, to our clients.

Contact Info

Address: 46/1, 3rd floor, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110049
Website: http://candidtales.com | Phone: -9868164045 | Email: contact@candidtales.com

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