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About:- Kamakazi Wedding Planner

We are exclusive wedding planner in Delhi (India). Wedding is a most important part of human life. Specially Indian families know about wedding as one time occasion in their life. That's why, they want to live every moment of their wedding functions joyfully and amazingly. We specialize in latest theme decor as per the requirement of a client, Flower decoration, Stage decor, Designer Mandap decor, Specialize in giving different types of Royal entrance Decor and much more!

Service:-Kamakazi Wedding Planner has complete solutions to make every moment of your wedding functions joyfully, amazingly and remarkable.

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Address: Hari Nagar, Delhi - India
Website: https://www.kamakazievents.com | Phone: -9899566343 | Email: info@kamakazievents.com

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