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About:- Candid Wedding Photography

Saswata Raha, an experienced photographer hailing from Kolkata city has tried his stint with Corporates in his early years in companies like ICICI but later, Saswata took final leap to his calling Photography". He likes to keep his studio base in Kolkata and keep traveling to other cities. In photography he has worked with companies like Vodafone, Google, idea, ABP, Goodwyn tea to name a few. Beside these clients have handled individual portfolios, Weddings, interiors and travel shoots."

Service:-Candid Wedding Photography is about freezing some fun and emotional moments from the most special occasion of your life called wedding.

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Address: Kolkata
Website: http://www.saswataraha.com/cwp | Phone: 9830896809 | Email: cwp@saswataraha.com

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