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About:- Roop Vohra

I started my journey in this beautiful and creative industry in 1997, when I accidently stumbled upon an image of a piece of 'Thewa'. Today, Roopa Vohra House of Design produces several lines of Jewellery - from traditional Thewa to contemporary brilliant cut diamond sets. We offer jewellery to satisfy the tastes of a host of people, especially those who are looking for luxurious indulgences - a treat to the mind and body!

Service:-Roopa Vohra offers an ultimate luxury experience and has gained a reputation amongst patrons of art with an understanding and affinity for the opulent.

Contact Info

Address: 101-18A, Landmark Juhu Tara Road, Santa Cruz(W) Mumbai - 400049
Website: http://www.roopavohra.com | Phone: -26604633 | Email: info@roopavohra.com

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